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Shop and Compare Car Insurance Rates Online

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Car insurance rates vary greatly from one company to the next. There are many variables that car insurance companies use to determine the rates they charge for insurance. Knowing what factors that affect the rates could end up saving you hundreds of dollars. The best way to find cheap car insurance is to shop and compare multiple companies.

How gender, age, and marital status affects rates

Women normally get discounts on car insurance since research shows that women drivers are usually more cautious. Married people are thought to be less risky drivers than their unmarried counterparts. Therefore drivers who are not married will typically pay higher rates. Drivers under the age of twenty-five have higher accidents rates. This age group will have higher rates based on age. Students in this age category can do a couple of things to reduce rates with most insurance companies. Student drivers that have a GPA of 3.0 or higher are often offered a discount by most companies. Many states offer discounts to young drivers that complete a driver's education course.

Your driving record impacts your rates

Accidents and traffic violations affect the price you pay for insurance. In many states you will get points assigned to your record for accidents and tickets. How long the points will remain on your record and how many points that are assigned to you will depend upon the state which you reside within. The period of time that a moving violation or accident will affect your rates will also vary from one insurance carrier to another. It is typical for a moving violation to affect insurance rates for as many as three years. Driving under the influence convictions will affect your rates a lot longer, usually for ten years. In some cases, the age of the driver that commits the violation may also influence whether your rate will be affected by a minor traffic infraction. Older drivers that have had clean driving records for a sustained time period may not have the same penalty for an infraction.

Where you live can change your rates

Your address can affect the rate you pay for car insurance. Insurance companies use data they collect to make rates for drivers. If the chances of a driver getting into an accident increase, the insurance company will make a change in the rate to reflect that risk. A driver living in a busy city will probably be assessed a higher rate based upon the driving conditions that the driver will be exposed to. Driving in a congested area will increase the likelihood that an accident will take place. Insurance rates on vehicles are also dependent on the area that a person lives in because of vandalism and theft probability. If a driver resides in a higher crime area, their rates will likely to be higher because of this added risk.
The Make and model of your vehicle impacts rates
The type of car that you drive will impact your car insurance rates one way or the other. Smaller sportier cars are expensive to insure, because they are involved in car accidents more often than other cars. Drivers that like to take more risks are more likely to drive a sports car. Liability premiums for SUV's are more expensive because these heavier cars are more likely to cause more damage to other vehicles than lighter cars. If you are driving a car that is stolen more often, you will pay more for your insurance rate. Criminals have different reasons for stealing cars. If a car's parts are in high demand it will have a greater chance of being stolen. The Dodge Charger was the most commonly ripped off car in 2013 with a rate of 4.8 cars stolen per 1,000.